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Thomas Logistics have invested heavily in a sophisticated software in order to gain efficiencies in productivity and accuracy which we pass on to our clients in the form of savings.

Even more important than cost management however is the ability to integrated and communicate with our customers a range of reporting and performance measurement tools.

Thomas Logistics Technology Platforms
Warehouse Management

Paperless Warehouse Management System (WHMS)

Our specialised Paperless Warehouse Management System (WHMS) allows us to provide intelligent solutions for the warehousing needs of businesses large and small. Provides total warehouse functionality in one package, leveraging advanced product features including receiving, stock control, order fulfilment, replenishment, shipping and radio frequency support.

Benefits are:

  • Efficient stocktaking Real-time management information available to enable better planning and decision-making
  • Increased warehouse utilisation
  • Is an easy to use and highly configurable solution providing end-to-end inventory and tracking control.
  • Assist Companies in their OH&S obligations
  • Reduced overheads
  • Reduction of staff to operate the warehouse
  • Less supervision needed
  • Less paper processing personnel

The warehouse management suite covers all areas of warehouse functionality including:

  • Receiving, receipting, putaway
  • Cross docking
  • Order picking, pack and delivery
  • Interleaving
  • Pallet type tracking
  • Batch/lot tracking
  • Random weight tracking
  • Serial number tracking
  • Load planning/truck loading
  • Dock/yard management
  • Dangerous goods management
  • Temperature Probe recording
  • Production/raw materials management
  • Container park management
  • High-frequency batch picking
  • GS1 Compliant
Freight Tracking

How It Works

A small locator unit is installed in an asset. The unit houses a GPS chip, antenna, SIM card and wireless circuitry. Using the Telstra wireless network, the unit sends data from the asset to our cloud based Platform. Metrics include; GPS coordinates, direction, speed, driving style, current odometer value and other customised information. Customers gain web-based access to this data via our FleetLocate software; a feature rich, intuitive, service that offers advanced mobile asset management and reporting capabilities

Market Leading Features

Fleet Locate is our flagship asset management application, providing
web-based tools for the management of all mobile assets

  • KPI Dashboard
    A real time executive summary of your assets defined by a bespoke performance criteria such as total utilisation > 90%
  • Alerts
    Set up email and SMS alerts when key business rules are broken or based on events such as trailer on/off
  • Utilisation
    Understand how your assets are being used in order to make informed decisions about optimal resourcing
  • Virtual Perimeters
    Create pre-defined boundaries around selected landmarks to know when assets enter / exit a location
  • Extensive Reports
    Access a range of on demand reports or have them remotely sent to your inbox on a recurring basis in csv/xls/pdf
  • Out of Hours Usage
    Receive alerts in real-time on the unauthorised use of your organisations assets to mitigate theft and manage risk
  • Driver Performance
    Rank drivers based on their driving style by monitoring, harsh braking, cornering, speeding and acceleration
  • Proof of Service
    Keep track of deliveries and completed jobs to ensuring and audit trail for time spent on site and delivery time
  • Real Time Visibility
    View your assets in real time including location and heading so you can locate and assign the closest asset for a job
  • Maintenance Scheduling
    Our system intuitively keeps track of an assets usage (hrs/km’s) reminding you when an asset is due for service
  • Digital Logbooks
    Input an ATO approved purpose of trip while on the move and our software does the rest eliminating multiple logbook entries
Transport Management

Integrated Approach

A fully integrated freight management system allowing for the setup of trucks, trailers, drivers, contractors, customers, routes, products/services and pricing schedules. This base information is then processed as follows :

  • Consignments are entered for each freight movement. Information relevant to customer, route, sender, receiver, pickup/delivery date and goods being shipped are entered. These can be automatically priced, pallet information can be entered against the consignment and the consignment can be manifested at this point if required or can be dragged onto a manifest later. A consignment can be printed if required.
  • The pricing matrix is built from a combination of customer, product/service, route (lane) and charge unit. For example “CSR MEL-ADE CHIPS TN” This information is entered at consignment level and looks at the pricing file for a match. If found it then determines the rate from a sliding scale of rates, plus basic and minimum charges. Insurance percentages are held on the customer file and can be applied if required. The nature of the pricing matrix enables you to apply charges to any number of items on each consignment.
  • Once the consignment is completed it is ready for invoicing. The invoice module is part of “Freightmate” and is designed to print all cleared consignments for a customer. This can be printed more than once (if required) and can be reprinted or viewed at any time. Once printed, the invoice is sent off to the debtors system. However, the invoice, along with all of its consignments is still available within “Freightmate” for inquiry and further analysis. Once in the debtors system, you are able to enter your receipts, debit and credit adjustments against each invoice. The nature of the system is open item. However, you are able to print open item or balance forward statements. Statements can be printed at any time and you can select individual customers to print. You can select the cycle by entering a date range of transactions to show on the statement.
  • Manifests are entered indicating the truck, trailer(s), driver, route (lane), contractor/tow operator (including payment details), date of departure and arrival. Consignments are attached to the manifest and a manifest can be printed so that it can go with the vehicle. Once the manifest is “signed off”
  • Consignment and manifest analysis is extensive. All information is held historically so that you can analyze your freight movements selectively by a date range, allowing your reporting to be for any required period. Generically, we have provided analysis by date range, customer, route (lane), sender/receiver locations, truck, driver, trailer, contractor, invoice, and product/service. We can produce further reporting requirements or you are able to export data to a spreadsheet for customizing your own reporting and getting “what if” analysis.
  • Pallet management starts at the consignment. Adjustments can be made to the pallets to indicate returns, transfer, damages etc via a pallet control function. From this you are able to show in summary and detailed form any outstanding pallets in the system.

Transport Solutions

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